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ALFA IMAGING (En liquidación)

Sector: Active Lot Private sale

Mm waves scannning system for the control of personal belongings carried by people to ensure compliance with security measures.

Its main applications are in airports, army and it is highly useful for other places vulnerable to attacks, such as power plants, oil platforms, train stations, museums and even hotels and hospitals in different countries.

Its advanced technology, unlike other scanners as those using X rays, does not release harmful radiation for health and speeds up controls reducing false alarms.

Their assets for sale are two patents and development:

Patent1: WO 03/009048 A1 (Theorical Scanning system) transferred from the University of Reading (UK) , valid until 2023 in the European Union, USA, Japan and Canada.

Patent 2: WO 2011/045087 A1 (Compact system of multispectral scanning) valid until 2029 in the European Union, USA, Japan, Canada, China, Mexico, Corea and India.

(1) imager Alfa 2 passive (receiver of one pixel 94 GHz, mechanical action of horizontal scanning, used for testing new recptors para testeo de nuevos receptores
(2) imager Alfa 3 passive for real time image (without receipt array).

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