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Heavy duty machining company ASTURIAS.

Sector: Metalworking Active Lot Private sale

Company dedicated to the manufacture of goods equipment for the industry in general and manufactured hydraulic and mechanical of all type. Located in Asturias (Spain). Main equipments and machinery for sale:

(2) Vertical lathes CHARLES BERTHIEZ 9340/4 and 9341
(1) CNC lathe GURUTZPE MS 500 CNC 1.500
(1) Parallel lathe AMUTIO CAZENEUVE HB575
(1) Radial drill SORALUUCE TR3-2000
(1) Oxicutting machine MESSER GRIESHEIM 300S
(2) Submerged arc welding columns ESAB
(2) Welding positioners TEHAC
(1) Transformation center
Welding machines, grinding machines, electric panel, grinder, blade sawing machine, saw BOSCH, boilers, tanks, workshop furniture, air conditioning equipment and much more.

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