IAG Group


International Auction Group (IAG) is a Spanish company with global reach specialising in the purchase and sale of assets, movable property, real estate and industrial equipment in all sectors.

As a specialised entity of reference, IAG offers comprehensive services to individuals, companies and industries that wish to BUY machinery, assets and second-hand goods, as well as to those industries, insolvency administrators, lawyers, economists and financial institutions that due to closure, relocation or changes in their production equipment wish to SELL.

We offer sale management services, valuation and inventory of assets, management of visits, logistics, dismantling and removal of goods.

Thanks to our alliances with major international investment groups, we buy and sell complete plants, production lines and machinery of any size and sector, as well as real estate. These strategic alliances allow us to guarantee great agility and efficiency in the valuation and sale of assets.

IAG is also a pioneer in Spain in carrying out Online Auctions of both movable and immovable assets, through its own technological platform that guarantees the insolvency administration and the client a transparent, efficient and reliable purchase process.



IAG has positioned itself as the benchmark specialised entity in Spain, providing "end-to-end solutions" for companies that need to buy industrial assets, as well as for industries, insolvency administrators, lawyers, economists, consultants and financial institutions that wish to sell assets.

It also specialises in the valuation and sale of real estate assets, with a department exclusively dedicated to this.

Our company has a cohesive, international team and maintains a close relationship with a network of well-selected preceptors, with whom we establish an active, effective, two-way networking.

IAG has expanded throughout Spain as a leading company in the purchase, sale and location of industrial machinery and in the management of property sales, having an active presence in all the autonomous communities, through alliances and/or our own branches.

Our company is fully consolidated and structured, ready to begin the second phase of expansion / internationalisation of our business model to other countries through alliances and/or our own branches.



Satisfaction of our customers and suppliers: this is the key to our success. We work hard every day to serve and satisfy the demands of our customers and suppliers. We put our technology and our team at the disposal of our customers to offer them the best service. We carry out surveys and focus groups to find out their level of satisfaction.

Efficiency and professionalism: the personal experience and continuous training of the team guarantee great efficiency. We are professionals, specialists in each sector of the industry to offer you a specialised and quality service.

Transparency: our clients' trust is fundamental. We are transparent and clear, providing accessible tools for online monitoring of the entire project from start to finish.

Proximity: we work as a team with our clients. Our clients' interests are our interests. Our clients speak directly with professionals who understand their needs.

Technological innovation: We continually incorporate the latest technological advances into our work systems to guarantee maximum efficiency in our processes.