How does it work?

Welcome to our website!

In order to participate in our auctions and to access your Private Area you need to register on our website.

Registration: Registration consists of a simple step in which we will ask you for some contact details and acceptance of the terms of use of our website, General Conditions. Once registration is complete, your account will be activated.

Immediately after registration, our system will send you a confirmation email confirming that your account has been activated.

You can change your details at any time by going to the Edit Profile section. When you save your changes, a confirmation message will appear on the screen and you can also cancel your account at any time, in accordance with the current GDPR. You can request the cancellation of your account data by sending an email to

By clicking on your name on the home screen of our website you will access your personal customer area on our web portal. Here, you can update and modify your personal and contact details, register to participate in ongoing sales, track batches, download technical documentation, etc. You can also make use of powerful tools to help you manage your lots, sales and bids.

The My Favourites option

My Favourites: this section shows in different tabs a list of auctions and lots of interest that you have participated in, which you can consult at any time.

From the Auctions tab you can access relevant information on the status of the auction and the details of the auction.

From the Lots tab you have all the useful information about the lots in which you are participating or monitoring, as well as their status. 
Auction Tracking by lot is a dashboard of all your activity on the website, updated in real time. You will see the lots you are bidding on, the status of the lots, the last bids received and placed, your last bid placed as well as the status of the bid.

You will have the situation of the lots which will be marked with icons with the following legend:llegenda-lots

Symbol "R" = Reserve value has been reached (minimum bid price)

Red Symbol = Reserve value not reached

Symbol "Prohibited" = Lot not available (has been sold or withdrawn)

Timer" Symbol = Lot extended in 5 min. intervals per bid competition ***

Green Traffic Light = My bid is currently the highest and has reached the reserve price (minimum bid price).

Yellow Traffic Light = My bid is currently the highest but has not reached the reserve price (minimum selling price).

Red traffic light = My bid has been exceeded

*** Lot on extended time = each time a lot receives a bid within the last 5 minutes before its closing time, the system automatically extends the completion time by another 5 minutes, and so on whenever bids come in in the last minutes before the closing time. This automatic system is designed with the intention of facilitating the bidding process on the most sought-after lots.

Last bid received: you will see the value of the last bid placed and accepted by any participant in the auction.
My last bid: You can see what your last accepted bid was.
Status: You will see a countdown timer showing the time remaining until the closing of those particular lots.

This section is automatically updated every 60 seconds. It can also be updated manually at any time by pressing the "F5" button. IAG advises you to update manually in cases where you are bidding for a lot or there are competing bids.

Remember that :
You will be informed at all times during and after placing a bid on our platform through a system of Notifications. A message will appear on the screen for a few seconds confirming the action you have just taken. You will also be able to consult the notifications, in real time, when you are browsing without having to go to your e-mail. You can access them directly by clicking on the "little bell" next to your name. You will receive updates on when an auction you are registered for has started or ended, when your bid has been accepted, when your bid has been outbid by another bidder and at the end when you have been awarded the lot you were interested in.

What do I need to participate in an online auction?
To participate in an online auction you only need to meet these two requirements: 1. To be registered on our website (by filling in the registration form) and to have accepted the General Conditions and 2. To be registered in the sale/lot of your interest (simply by clicking on the "Register now" button that appears on the lot). You can add it to My Favourites or place a bid from the lot itself.

How do I access online bidding?
To be able to bid online you simply need to enter the lot you are interested in and bid the amount you are interested in. Under My Favourites "lots", you will see information about the latest bids and the price of the next accepted bid.

Do I need any special requirements or deposits to register for an online auction?
IAG does not require any special or additional requirements from its customers in order for them to participate in an online auction. However, for some large lots or for some specific properties, IAG reserves the right to require a deposit or bank guarantee, always after informing the participants at the time the user registers.